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4-Steps to Successful [Radio] Advertising Campaigns
December 27, 2016
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Also known as a DJ or announcer-read commercials, radio personality endorsement advertising campaigns are by far the most efficient and effective form of advertising available to marketers today.

Even with all the different platforms from which every generation consumes various media – endorsed radio campaigns consistently out-perform in ROI delivery. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

  1. Relationship Extension – Radio personalities are your invisible best friends seat-belted-in next to you. They go to work with you every day. They talk to you while you prepare dinner and cheer you on while you’re working out. You have a deep relationship with the radio personalities that you not only allow, but welcome, into your life every day. And that relationship is very real.
  1. Interactive Relationship – Radio is the original interactive and social media. Before all things digital you could attend a live event hosted by a radio personality or call-in to their show and, for a moment, be one with the stars. You can still do that today, but with the addition of digital social media, you can continue that very real relationship off-air, online through many platforms.


By tuning-in to a radio personality’s show you are already ‘buying’ what they are ‘selling.’


  1. Relationship Context – Insert marketing-buzz-word of the day here: ‘Native advertising’, ‘advertorial’, ‘in-content advertising’, ‘product placement’… whatever you’d like to call it; endorsements by radio personalities work better than any other form of advertising because of this simple fact: By tuning-in to a radio personality’s show you are already ‘buying’ what they are ‘selling.’ You are buying the programming so it’s easy to sell one more thing – whatever the personality is endorsing.
  1. Exclusive Relationship – When a radio personality throws their well-crafted name and credibility behind a business they do so exclusively. No other business in your category can or will be supported by the personality. This allows your business to cut through the ad-clutter and truly stand out amongst your competitors.
  1. Authentic Relationship – As with any authentic relationship, trust is the key factor. And when a radio personality delivers an endorsed advertisement on behalf of a company, audience members react because their ‘invisible best friend’ has already done the vetting of that company for them. Credibility immediately and unquestionably transfers from your business to your prospective consumers by way of the personality.

For these reasons and many others, endorsement advertising executed by radio personalities are, and always have been, superior secret weapons used by the savviest of marketers.

Like anything else, execution is key to success. And we specialize in the creation and execution of endorsement radio campaigns. Here’s a link to a recent blog post, 4-Steps to Successful Radio Advertising Campaigns, covering that topic.

I’m Tom Smith, author of this article, and long-time veteran of analog and digital media. If you’re interested in the possibility of an endorsement advertising campaign for your company please call me @ 310.876.7908 or email [email protected] and we’ll schedule a time to review.

Tom Smith
Tom Smith
Tom Smith
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