Top 5 Reasons to Advertise on KFI-AM 640

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October 23, 2016
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December 27, 2016
KFI-AM 640 = Advertising Gold

Why KFI-AM 640 Works for Advertisers

If you’re curious about advertising on KFI-AM 640 we have a name to call you – smart.

Originally, the ‘F-I’ in the call letters K-F-I stood for ‘farmers information.’ For decades since the call letters have stood for “Killer F*cking Investment.”

Below are the Top 10 Reasons why KFI-AM 640 is such an incredibly efficient and effective advertising channel:

  1. Massive reach! The station can be heard from Santa Barbara to San Diego, throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties as well as San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and more. The reach of KFI defies the standard industry measurement as its signal penetrates numerous adjacent markets.
  1. Content. KFI’s programming is right-now-relevant – 24/7, 365. Even with the evolution of digital media there continues to be no more immediate medium than radio – and KFI’s newstalk format leads the country. KFI-AM 640 goes live with breaking news any day of the year or second of the day. More Stimulating Talk Radio, the station’s brand, is content driven by highly influential personalities who call it like they see it. KFI compliments that programming with crisp regular cut-ins of local news, traffic and weather. Within the radio industry; KFI is the gold-standard benchmark for every other newstalk radio station across the US.
  1. Personalities! All-day everyday KFI-AM 640 show hosts speak to well over 1.5M of their best friends throughout SoCal. No other local medium, analog or digital has this kind of influence in the United States – much less Southern California. Just ask any local, state or national politician who fawn and fear the opinions of KFI tastemakers. The station’s personalities hold sway over a vast empire of opinions, opinion-influencers and opinion-makers. They include; Bill Handel in AM Drive, Gary & Shannon in Middays, John & Ken in PM Drive, Tim Conway Jr. in the evenings, Coast to Coast with George Noory overnights and wildly popular artisan show’s like The Fork Report with Neil Saavedra on the weekends.
  1. Audience. The aforementioned 1.5M listeners is an understatement as that number only represents the measured portion of the audience. Remember, the station’s signal reaches far into adjacent markets. So while KFI-AM 640 is by FCC definition a Los Angeles local market station; it truly serves the entire region of Southern California. Hollywood uses the station every ‘awards season’ to influence decision-makers of the Oscars, Emmys, Screen Actors, Directors Guild and every other award show you can think of. And if you want to impact or attract business owners, executives, and high-net-worth residents of Orange County KFI is unequivocally the go to medium.
  1. Efficient and Effective Advertising. KFI’s massive reach, combined with up-to-the-second-relevant programming, delivered by highly-influential personalities drives unprecedented ROI for advertisers. And when smart advertisers properly create and execute ad campaigns the revenue results easily reach the millions and orders of magnitude more.

And that’s where LA Radio Specialist comes in – we create custom campaigns on KFI, execute with surgical precision, optimize results and scale.

For your free consultation call Tom Smith @ 310.876.7908.

Tom Smith
Tom Smith
Tom Smith
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